Learn About 2020 Model Year Safety and Technology Terms

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2020 is almost here, and before we enter the new year, there are some things we must know so that we can fit in with the changes that come about. In the automobile sector, the new year will bring along several new technological changes, as is evident from our experience in the past few years. Modern technology is being developed every other day, and to understand your vehicle better, you must keep yourself updated.

Here, we discuss some important safety and technology terms 2020 model year enthusiasts must know.

Automatic Emergency Braking

Automatic emergency braking is a technology that will feature in all cars soon. The automatic emergency braking system causes the vehicle to apply brakes immediately if the car’s sensor detects an oncoming imminent collision.

It may not always prevent a collision, but it can be a great safety feature to avert accidents in most scenarios. Although this is considered a futuristic, some manufacturers have already started including this feature in certain models.

Active Windows Display

Manufacturers like Ford are coming up with software that can keep a health check on the driver. Such systems will shift to the autopilot mode if the driver seems unresponsive (due to a sudden seizure or drowsiness). This technology could also avert a considerable number of accidents resulting from drivers falling asleep behind the steering wheel.

Biometric Security Systems

It is expected that by the year 2020, cars will have added security with biometric car locking systems. This is the same security system that allows you to safeguard your phone with the help of a fingerprint sensor. The same feature could be added to vehicles, and all you would need to do is register your fingerprint in the system. Then on, you can lock and unlock your car with your finger.

Vehicle to Everything Communication Systems

As buyers demand more connectivity, vehicle manufacturers are coming up with technology that can connect your vehicle’s communication system to more channels.

Qualcomm is coming up with a technology that provides 5G-ready cellular communication equipment for vehicles that will allow cars to send messages to pedestrians or communicate with other infrastructure. This is, of course, yet to be seen.

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